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nr: 1006 /  1967 Volkswagen T1 Pick-Up

The very first Type I-model, with the metal bar in the middle, the “Bar Van”, or the Microvan / Transporter, was produced from March 8 1950 till the end of 1967.At first, the van was produced in Wolfsburg; from March 8 1956 the brand new car factory in Hannover was used for production.

Volkswagen, internally, named the Microvan / Transporter the Type 2 (the next numbers after the 2 indicate the model)

In February 1955 the renewed model was marketed. Volkswagen had drastically changed the chassis. The roof was added a canopy above the front screen, with a grate for the supply of fresh air, and the engine hood and en engine space were lowered considerably. This resulted in extra space for a rear hood, in order for construction workers, plumbers and carpenters to be able to transport materials with larger length, loaded through the rear hood. Similar like the Volkswagen Beetle, the Transporter was equipped with a 4 cyl boxer engine, with a 1131cc capacity, good for 25Hp. Also with the Transporter, the engine was placed in the rear, and air cooled. In 1953 this became an 1192cc engine with 30HP. A 36HP engine was also available. This one had the same capacity, but due to a higher compression, delivered more power. This version became standard in 1955. From 1959, a 40Hp engine came onto the market, but this one was too sensitive to failure, resulting in VW recalling all those vans, and replacing the engines.


The first versions of the T1 (Transporter 1st generation) was named the T1a. The T1b concerns a slightly longer roof line above the front screen, and a smaller engine space. From model year 1963, the vans were indicated as T1c, the rear door issued wider. Also, in that year the side loading doors with hinges were replaced by a sliding door. The introduction, of what at first was referred to as a heavy transport Transporter, able to transport 1000Kg freight instead of 750Kg, was such a success that it became the standard Transporter. This model was made available with a 1493cc engine (1.5L or named “1500”) delivering 51Hp. After the Beetle of 1967 was issued the same engine, the power was increased to 53Hp. The engines of these Transporters turned out to be very reliable, and lasted for at least 250,000km without any problems. Considering it was the sixties, the reliability was very high. The pick-up model was very popular in the USA.  In 1967 the German production of the “Bar Van” was ended.

Make: Volkswagen
Type: T1
Year of manufacture: 1967
Read hours: 19920
Status: Used
Serial number: 267011820
Operating weight (kg): 1100
Maximum Permissible Mass (kg): 2070
Loading capacity (kg/m3): 970
Transmission: handgeschakeld
Margin: Yes
Make: Volkswagen
Fuel: Petrol
Power (hp): 44
Engine displacement (cc): 1598
License plate: BE-87-59
Country of registration: Nl Registration
MOT Until: Jun 2019

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